Upcoming Sundays

Westchester Spirituality and New Thought Group meets every Sundays on Zoom at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Our current focus is on Prayer, and we are using the book Prayer: The Art of Believing by Neville Goddard.  How can we maximize the way we pray.  Neville Goddard shows us how the use of prayer can change our lives. . Each week Rev. Chris discusses a different chapter in this book and how to apply prayer in our life. The group has a small service that includes an inspirational reading, music, meditation, prayers, and a talk. We then discuss the topic of…

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Meet Our Spiritual Leader

Rev. Christopher DiGiorgio

Rev. Christopher DiGiorgio is a transformative spiritual teacher and ordained Unity Minister. He has led many workshops on spirituality and meditation. He is group leader of Unity Pride, a gay men’s spiritual discussion group in New York City. Chris has a diverse spiritual background: A graduate of the Unity Urban Ministerial School, he also is a GAYLA Brother and Elder in a gay men’s spiritual retreat in Maine. And he is a student of various spiritual teachers, including Steve Thomson, whose primary teaching is developing psychic senses; Meredith Young Sowers, from whom Chris received a certificate in Intuitive Perception and…

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New Thought Podcasts

Each week, be inspired by a talk on a new spiritual topic. Visit our podcast channel now. New Thought was founded in the 19th Century and was inspired by the Transcendental Movement. Its chief belief is that we are one with Creator. There is one power, one presence and one knowledge in the Universe: God, the good. The New Thought Experience is a production of the Westchester Spirituality and New Thought Group. You can find us on Meetup and Facebook. You can also email us or donate online. Artwork by Joy_Findelight Pixabay. Our Theme music is called Oceans.

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